Looking for trimmed hemp flower in Oregon

there doesn’t seem to be enough sources for this product am I going to have to organize a trim crew on all this available biomass?

I have 3-4 boxes good seed less

Please contact me I’m ready to pick up the product right now

My friend owns eugenius he does cbd…I’ll ask him

Thank you so much… I’ve been doing allot of run around and at this point if anybody has any hemp flowers available please let me know

Where abouts in Oregon and how much are you lookin for?


Ask him about his cbg seeds

2-3 cases

I have a little available, but not enough to fulfill a large order.

I’m seeking multiple cases, as well. If you have photos and coa’s, that’s very helpful. Please contact me and I’ll give you my number.

Thanks so much.

Located in Williams…so, prefer southern Oregon, but open to anywhere in Oregon if the price is right!

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Looking for cdb hemp flower with thc test results .03 or less.

I need Cbg seeds and also 800 lbs of high Cbg flower

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