Looking for trim in BC, Canada

Looking for around 200lbs monthly of good quality trim in B.C.

Hello Haansolo, looking for THC trim or hemp trim?agot to specify. Just saying

Thc trim

Yes how much are u looking for and at %???

We offer 33-50% of product sale on trim here in the okanagan BC depending on quality. Bud that was hang dried and run through a dry trimmer is preffered. Do mostly shatter with it and comes out nice.
Usually get 17-23% trim quality depending.

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Interested in bulk

I am interested I am in Kelowna

How much bulk?

what do you have? We are in the OK as well

Sorry your looking for trim or your have trim ?

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Yea bro always looking. I have had messages replying to my post saying they need some as well so I obviously didn’t write it very well lol.

Damm I am looking for some to haha

Ya man lol

Hey are you still looking for trim in BC? I can source you quality trim - orange bud and OG kush from an LP.

I can always get trim lots of it DM me