Looking for thcA hemp seeds

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As the title says iam looking for thca hemp seeds that stay under 0.3% d9 thc

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Start here:


There are several recent posts.

Did that believe me , but so far no luck when it comes to shipping to europé and the moq is like 2-5000 seeds. and like no minimum sampel order available

Iam looking to buy around 50-100 seeds to make a test and see what lab says under the conditions here (south italy) and us are only one WHO sells THCA auto feminized but no one shippes outside us for some reason

But thx for the advice :+1:

Mephisto recently opened an EU store. Here’s Italy.

This is thca hemp seeds with high cbd and thca or normal auto seeds

There are many cannabis (= “thca hemp”) seeds sellers in Europe . Selling those seeds is legal in EU, growing them is not, at least not in Italy.

There’s no such thing as thca hemp seeds. There are cana low thca seeds that will test low. And there are hemp/CBD seeds and some may be cross pollinated to have wild thca values up and down.

Sorry to break it to you. Don’t get scammed.

If someone actually claims to want to sell you thca hemp seeds you are basically getting random beans they found in their pockets or desk drawer and slapping a lable on it for a sale.


The eu laws is like you can grow industrial hemp approved strains and if they are feminized and not carrying any seeds the thca level can be sky high as long as it’s not decarbed so read the laws and read some court cases that’s why thcA isolate and flowers are entering Europe now :+1:

Yeah my thought also like it’s freeze dried and fridge cured flowers that then are stored properly to not decarb , all thca isolate can’t be thc decarbed free either ?

Do you have any reference to this?

Because that is not what the EU law (and the various declinations in each countries) says at all.

You can grow any hemp strain as long as it respects the country total thc limit. The catalogue is only if you want EU subsidies before you start the grow, and undergo less testings


Yes I have references and court cases about all this and I have all the laws in front of me :+1: I assume you are from Switzerland?

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…can you share them?

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I live in Switzerland but I’m from France, actually.

I was meaning could you please share the law text you are referring to?
Below is what I have on my side, dealing with hemp farming stuff:

“(18) As regards the areas used for the production of hemp, in order to preserve public health and to ensure coherence with other bodies of legislation, the use of hemp seed varieties with tetrahydrocannabinol content below 0,3 % should be included within the definition of ‘eligible hectare’.”


“6. Areas used for the production of hemp shall only be eligible hectares if the varieties used have a tetrahydrocannabinol content not exceeding 0,2 %.


There is some contradiction here. I believe the 0.3% wins.
In any case EU members are allowed to be more permissive.
The limit in Czech Republic is 1% for instance. Italy 0.6% (or 1% as well now? still 0.5% in the north ??)

Here is the annex of the general rule:


Union method for the verification of hemp varieties and the determination of the Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol content in hemp varieties referred to in Article 3

"1. Scope

The method set out in this Annex seeks to determine the Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (hereinafter referred to as ‘THC content’ of varieties of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). As appropriate, the method involves applying procedure A or B as described in this Annex.

The method is based on the quantitative determination of THC by gas chromatography (GC) after extraction with a suitable solvent."


The Union Method (:sunglasses:) is straight GC-FID. No prior sample derivatization or else.
In fact, the above consolidated texts do not refer to “total” THC in anymore. But I believe the term “total” was already specified in laws of many countries members (France and Italy for sure).

Now, If you are more into “food” business. The union recommends in facts other methods.
And even a preference here for distinction between THC and THCA (even the A and the B…)

“(3) The method of analysis to be used for monitoring is preferably chromatographic separation coupled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS or GC-MS) following an appropriate clean-up step (liquid-liquid (LLE) or solid phase extraction (SPE)). Preference should be given to chromatographic techniques that allow the determination of Δ9-THC separately, its precursors and other cannabinoids in hemp-containing food products.”


This distinction is advised so the union can have more precise data.
Eventually, the remarks in the limits set for a small list of hemp derived food products precises:

“A factor of 0,877 is applied to the level of Δ9-THCA and the maximum level refers to the sum of Δ9-THC + 0,877 × Δ9-THCA (in case of a separate determination and quantification of Δ9-THC and Δ9-THCA).”


This is what I got so far. I don’t know all, maybe there are some elusive loopholes in certain country members.

In any case, according the EU rule 2024/420, anyone who read this post now owes me 200$ for the law consultancy. Thank you. :man_office_worker: