Looking for THC Crude

In search of regular supplier of single liters of w/d, clean ethanol thc crude at a good rate. We are in the LA area. Found our CBD supplier but haven’t located this yet.

Can anyone help? Still looking.

Is this L2L?

There’s a recent thread from today with what you are looking for. Unless it’s one of shisters

Sorry folks, not L2L. Just a private party trying to experiment with different ratios for specific medicinal applications. Just messaged the Sell-Distillate guy, thanks for the heads up and hope he’s legit.

Haven’t heard back from anyone who currently has small amounts of clean 70%+ thc ethanol crude available at a decent price.

Bump, STILL searching high and low for quality thc crude at good price.

Nobody has a bit of clean crude they can help us with?

I’ll give you a hint:

You’re talking about a federally illegal transaction openly on a public forum.

Given that you’re not a license holder, means you’re also talking potentially state illegal as well.

Ppl are justifiably pretty wary of things. I wish you good luck in your search.


Ummmmm… no.

California has a great medical cannabis program. What I’m asking for is 100% legal under California law.

Federally illegal? Most medical cannabis sales conducted in the United States are still considered federally illegal. They fall solely under state legislation, just as they have for decades now.

So once again, bump for small amounts of clean crude!

New here but hey what you are asking for is very much illegal- whole liters of THC crude arent sold by dispensaries and those are the only places where you can legally buy thc products without a liscense

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I’m sorry, but that’s not the way our medical cannabis laws are written. Yes most organizations and licensed businesses aren’t setup to help us, but nearly all private parties with a medical cannabis prescription are.

I agree with Redman. California prop 215 Medical is different from the current recreation system. People vs Kelly, a court case from 2010 states you cannot limit a patients medicine.

" People v. Kelly was decided on January 21, 2010 by the California Supreme Court. The decision invalidated a law passed in 2003 by the California State Legislature on the grounds that the law imposed stricter standards on medical marijuana than is allowed under Proposition 215. Under the ruling, the state government is no longer allowed to impose any legal limits on the amount of marijuana that medical marijuana users can grow or possess.[1]"

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I haven’t seen anywhere if it’s been mentioned or not, but not sure if @Redman4556 is a med patient.

No where did I see them being a patient. If someone isn’t a med patient themselves, isn’t this still illegal?

Correct, but in the California medical cannabis culture it’s kinda a dumb assumption that more people than not have their state mmj recs. Number of mmj patients is slightly decreasing since rec legalization but it’s still a HUGE number of our cannabis users that have doctor issued recommendations. Anyone with a rec can legally provide to me, an mmj rec holder myself. We deal with many dispensary owners providing huge amounts of inventory under this very legislation and thank our lucky stars for it while we still have this advantage of green frontier legality grey areas in such an advanced state

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whatever happened to “patients helping patients”

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Alive and well in some circles. :grin:

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NO, you don’t scammer. You’re hilarious.