looking for suppliers shipping to uk

Hey guys, first off thanks for a great forum, been a lurker for a long time and I would officially like to level up now!!

I would like to find anyone who is shipping CBD products to the uk please, with low orders to start with around $500 - $1000 sort of range.

Looking for cbd isolate and also extracts with terpenes left in but no thc too if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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DM Ivan help you out premiumextralabs@gmail.com


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@OctoArm ?

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Sorry cbd is not my gig :cry:

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Thanks for the responses everyone :slight_smile: I’ll make contact with the suggestions,

I would also like to make my own extract but I am only on ghetto kitchen tek right now. I have seen some eastern european suppliers of hemp at 35 - 50 euros a kilo on low cbd (like 1.5 - 3 % cbd content).

Thanks again


Just to say thanks to anyone who private messaged me, unfortunately due to forum restrictions on my new account I have been unable to respond.

If you would be kind enough to re message me with your email and contact details I’d be glad to have a chat about your prices and products etc.

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Welcome bro