Looking for Splits in Maine

Looking for Splits in Maine. South/Central location. Looking to do 50/50 - 30/70 depending on quality. Patients and Caregivers only. Tolling available. DM for info.


What are your capabilities? Just bho, or can you run trim to distillate?

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We do solvent-less, hydrocarbon, and distillation. Our rotovap is down at the moment so we have a longer lead time on distillation, and I would rather not do a split for disty.

Everything other than disty and diamonds is 3 weeks.

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Early morning bump for my farmers break.


Who need processing and dosent want to pay. Gotta be someone. Better splits for people with :fire:


CBD as well?

Sent dm @vortal

Hey @vortal what company are you with here in Maine?

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Brigid Labs… if there is ever anything we can do for you reach out!

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Thanks that’s cool. You guys need any help @vortal? I live close to the stand.


I just saw your post hit me up and lets talk

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Looking for L2L splits in Maine.


Distillate, Badder, Diamonds, Rosin and Sift.

Better material better split.

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Tis the season. Don’t let your material sit around.

Looking for splits in Maine. Caregivers only.

50lb+ preferred unless it’s straight amazing.

Split dependant on quality. Ready for whatever.

Possibilities to take product all the way to licensed edibles/drinks.

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Hear ye hear ye.

Buying fire trim. $50-75 per lb

Rosin Splits available 50/50

BHO splits available 60/40 my way

No disty runs right now.

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