Looking for someone who can ship THCP to Japan

We are looking for someone who sells HHC, THCP, CBDP, etc. to Japan.
If you can sell to Japan, please contact us at this e-mail address


Check it, they mentioned that they are cooperating with Japanese buyers


The Japanese govt. has announced new regulations on 03/07/22 which ban HHC and THCP…this ban will be effective starting on 03/17/22. This news was published by the National Printing Bureau, and is on the MHLW website where you can see the newly banned substances.

I have not checked for THCP but there are loopholes for HHC that make them legal even under the new regulations but you need to do your research and homework…I am not talking about operating in the grey, completely legal is what I am talking about.

We have been sending cannabinoids to Japan for the past 4yrs. with a 100% succession rate without the crazy lead times suppliers mention for receiving products. Sometimes Customs gets backed up but in general it just means your paperwork is not in order if you cannot clear Customs within a week…


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Back to mailing shoe polish powder

I swear it’s just Gum Arabic

Woe is me they gotta make hhc and thcp testing kits now

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Thcp is also banned. ALL Hhc is now a narcotic and illegal.

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I was undet impression only a couple of labs able to test for thcp?
I had a discussion going about thcp and sounded like even if u did the process testing for what u did would b an issue?

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You’re catching the joke!

Oooo im a lil slow sometimes lol

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Not all HHC is banned…

Shoe polihcc isnt

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All HHC is not banned…this is confirmed with MHLW. The same probably applies with THCP but I don’t know enough about it or done the research to find the legal loophole.