Looking for some hemp seeds let me know what you have available.

Looking for around 250-500 seeds depending on what’s available.


@Betroit I am pretty sure you reached out to @chempistry as well…

Feel free to contact me at 2074403659. Thanks

What are hemp seeds going for now? I’d think they would be down to a quarter or so with how far biomass has tanked. Strange when I was speaking with a couple seed companies at an event they told us they were keeping everything .75-$1. Made it difficult to consider growing any decent amount of hemp

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I have 1100 CBD hemp seed you can have for free.


Discount seeds = “bro we missed a few males in our field and now all our flower is pollinated let’s start a seed company!”

The number of bunk seeds being sold the last few years is mind boggling. I was traumatized our first year farming when half the field that was Phytonix seeds started flowing at 4-6in tall at the end of June and ended up being 50% males.

Run a proforma with the all the costs of farming and the price to buy proven genetics isn’t going to even be in the top five biggest line items. And you risk wasting every dollar to farm if you end up with bad seeds.

I could see a slight price drop coming but personally I would be wary of the cheap seeds. Oregon cbd or bust for me.

But the MOQ and $5k price to play are a bummer for small grows.

Yeah if I was sitting on billions of seeds like them I’d drop the price a smidge for the little guy. Running the costs for seeds, drip, mulch, amendments, weeding, harvest, man it adds up. Without full vertical integration the little guy is going to have to really fight hard this season. My heart goes out to anyone planting a few acres.