Looking for SEO Manager - On Site (Denver)

Job will be working with Vivimu.com on the SEO (we have a full marketing team, just need more talent in SEO field) side of things would be preferable to have industry experience but, definitely lookin at everyone.

Salary 60-90k - depending on skill and experience.

Golden Colorado area (no remote), unless you really think you can convince me.

Thanks Future,




Why would you need an on-site web dev?

He needs someone experienced in SEO, seems the site is already up, he had a marketing team, he just needs help bringing more traffic to the site that aren’t directly paid target ads but more so search engine traffic.

In a sense, it’s optimizing websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings.

That’s called a web dev. The question wasn’t why he needs a web dev, but why he needs an ON SITE web dev.

Probably because of this

" Today, Google begins rolling out the helpful content algorithm update, which rewards people-first content and devalues content written for search engines.

On its official search rankings update page, Google confirms the release of the helpful content update on August 25

Last week, Google announced the update was on its way and suggested many ways to determine if your content qualifies as “people-first.”"

SEO optimization is usually handled by a different team than web development entirely, especially when working with a moving target. Fuck up your SEO and google shitcans your ability to advertise. It’s easier to tell the guy in the next room what you need to fix than the guy in india especially when working with new regulations.

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My man beat me to it

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Just find some dude off Fiverr

I’m not asking about a guy in india though. I’m asking why the individual has to be local to Golden, Colorado. SEO is not a task that needs to be completed in person.

Also, content in-site is a fraction of seo. Most of it is staying up to date on relevant changes, posting links on relevant social media, developing campaigns, and modifying copy to be more focused. What is a person in the same room gonna accomplish that an email can’t?

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Ian knows what SEO is. I’m sure of that. The question is why would this employee need to work on site? Which is a valid question because SEO work is about as remote-friendly as it gets and has no need for a set schedule.

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While I agree entirely, I’m sure they have their reasoning.

Full disclosure, this is an absolutely amazing amount of compensation for the workload, and I’m not scoffing at the remote requirement.

The requirement for the dev to be local is interesting, as is the salary, which is almost double what an agency geared to this work would charge for the service. Individuals that do this work often do it for multiple sites. Legit seo is research and planning heavy while labor light.


i already have a full blown dev and marketing team in the office, we prefer on site workers.


Damn, you guys are balling. I’d at least have the individual on starbucks duty to pad their workday loool

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Almost certain it’s a integrity thing and most people in todays times don’t got it. Who’s to say the work they are paying for will get done. Though I feel as a certified SEO specialist and someone with tons of digital marketing experience that this could absolutely be a remote job with the right candidate. I’m currently looking for a lab management position in Colorado and would hop on this all day if it wasn’t office based.

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You should see our Celcius fridge, we also cater lunch everday lol…


Agreed, we like culture and community too. We feel the Denver taletn pool should be sufficient to find the right person also. Just never been a remote work guy tbh too, except in accounting lol.


I’d be on this all day but Colorado is the new California haha. Everything’s so expensive. Could pair other related remote jobs with this but really want to get into a lab and get some good quality products out in the market again on the bho side. Sounds like you got a super great spot going and a genuine care for your staff. Kudos on that


Thats prolly what it is. I remember 2017 colorado prices when i was wondering why this listing was offering so much.

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