Looking for recommendations for shatter

I’m glad I stumbled on this site. I seen a similar thread to the one I’m writing about but wanted to know if there is any new products people have tried.

There are killer deals on shatter here locally and I use it to make cartridges. I decarb it at 220-230 for about 35min or until the bubbles slow. I will usually mix in terpenes to dilute the mix to work depending on my port sizes of the cart I’m filling. I usually have good luck using terps but recently had an issue with a product from true terpenes, their viscosity product seems to sugar in the cartridges after a few days. I called them and they said it often does that with unwinterized products. I can’t easily do that or dewax and like I said out of hundreds of cartridges I have only had a handful sugar.
Only after reading the previous thread did I learn about the winterize issue. However there must be a SAFE product to serve as a carrier or a dilutent I can use to thin my shatter. Has anyone had luck with a terpene based dilutent?
I gets expensive to “try” stuff.

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Cbd distillate
D8 distillate

Are all great cuts


I don’t understand. I was more so speaking of like floraplex dilutent or something similar. The person I spoke with at true terpenes told me their viscosity product actually is know to cause crystallization.