Looking for Real Full-Spec CBD Distillate, uncut, stable (or Live resin?)

Looking to purchase a few KGs of high quality, lab tested CBD distillate,

ALSO CURIOUS IF ANYONE CAN MAKE CBD ROSIN OR LIVE RESIN INTO VAPE? we have a small indoor grow we are currently running oregon CBD genetics in, thanks*

would prefer it to be…

-stable (non-crystalizing)
-uncut (no mct, VE, PG etc.)
-Full spectrum and compliant (with THC but under 0.3%)
-50% or more CBD, with other minor cannabinoids thanks!

email- twill1731@gmail.com

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im also interested in finding such a product, have you had any luck?

no luck yet

Just about to start making CBD live resin for live resin CBD carts, where are you located?

I’m just curious but wouldn’t full spectrum not be distillate?

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