Looking for Real Full-Spec CBD Distillate, uncut, stable (or Live resin?)

Looking to purchase a few KGs of high quality, lab tested CBD distillate,

ALSO CURIOUS IF ANYONE CAN MAKE CBD ROSIN OR LIVE RESIN INTO VAPE? we have a small indoor grow we are currently running oregon CBD genetics in, thanks*

would prefer it to be…

-stable (non-crystalizing)
-uncut (no mct, VE, PG etc.)
-Full spectrum and compliant (with THC but under 0.3%)
-50% or more CBD, with other minor cannabinoids thanks!

email- twill1731@gmail.com

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im also interested in finding such a product, have you had any luck?

no luck yet

Just about to start making CBD live resin for live resin CBD carts, where are you located?

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I’m just curious but wouldn’t full spectrum not be distillate?

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Have you found what your looking for?

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Check out Pure5 in Phoenix

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We make CBD live resin…real CBD live resin. All flower no trim, fresh frozen after harvest and extracted using cannabis market sop’s