Looking for quality, high technology CBD manufacturer to supply company in Japan

Hello Future4200,

I’m new to this site. Quick glance at my profile will show you that. Not new to Japan though. Lived i in Japn for over 12 years. Wide array of connections and expert in the business culture. Set up an incorporated CBD company November 2019. Since then we have been working on building our core operations and flagship product.

Now the time has come to find a supplier, specifically a legitimate manufacturer, of CBD. I know there are many of you on this forum with quality product. However, I am looking for someone with direct involvement in manufacturing. Furthermore, professional courtesy dictates I tell you this is not a quick sale. Rather I am looking for the right company to build a long term business relationship with. Serious inquiries only.

Peace and Respect to all you brilliant minds.


Every member with “verified hemp slanger” titles is as close to direct manufacturing as it gets on here.

It’s very competitive for CBD products.

I recommend you get a budget / goal of production and let them bid for your business contract.

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Thanks for the heads up…and I know ;-). Hoping the competition vets out a trustworthy, high tech company. I’ll mail you as well.

I have a few recommendations on this website.

One of them, @Bret_HoneyGold has been directed some of my most recent new CBD purchasers.

I am sending him more business today, so I’ll give him a shout out.

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Colorado located peaks my interest for sure.

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Yeah, I read you hoped for 5-7 kilos in February. Bret seemed like a good match.

And yeah, I recognized name so checked past stuff. Appreciate your quickness.

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私はCBDメーカーです。私はユタ州にいます。ヘンプ栽培の農業面にも直接関わっています。 私は日本語を話し、農業で日本で働いてきました。 必要なCBD製品を生産するために必要な能力についてお話したいと思います。

Watashi wa CBD mēkādesu. Watashi wa Yuta-shū ni imasu. Henpu saibai no nōgyō-men ni mo chokusetsu kakawatte imasu. Watashi wa nihongo o hanashi, nōgyō de Nihon de hataraite kimashita. Hitsuyōna CBD seihin o seisan suru tame ni hitsuyōna nōryoku ni tsuite ohanashi shitai to omoimasu.

Watashi ni DM shite kudasai, soshite watashi wa anata ni watashi no renrakusen jōhō o ataeru koto ga dekimasu.

We also want to import.

Rocky Mountain Extraction Services

Hi @CBDNihon,

We are going on year 5 of operations and are licensed to grow and handle hemp both in
Oregon and New York. Please check out our lineup of full spectrum products at

Lets connect directly and look forward to getting samples for you to trial.


Adam Kurtz

So you’re big Japan, huh?