Looking for pure cannabinoids, in canada, for method development

Im looking for someone who can ship me relatively pure cannabinoids in small qtys, preferably within Canada.

I do have an ACMPR license, if needed for legalities.

I can also work with a local LP to take a shipment if it is from an LP B2B.

Isolates preferred for
Iso/exo thcs cbds

Or any others that may be relevant.

I only really need like 1-5 grams of each for developing methods on the different chromatographs i have, i basically just want to make a rough stock solution to fine tune each setup before buying reference standards.

The reference standards for these are pretty widely available. I mean you can make your own stock solutions - but since the CRMs are not terribly expensive - why not just start there?

Then you don’t have to worry about purity and contaminates and all that jazz in your stock solutions.


Id honeslty rather tune my setups in the beginning with not perfect samples. Ive done method dev with pure standards to find that actual samples down the road co elute other shit. Id also like the ability to spike other samples but not pay an arm and a leg per MG to do it lol.

I will use standards for actual testing but for now id still rather have some samples on hand to work with as well.

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