Looking for near pure anandamide

So up next synthes of anandamide
Who s done it?
What does it do ?
Should be weak psychoactive? Is it
Is it for sale in our space ?
Who s selling ?
Well lastly any tips for the synthesis ?


Practice with other functionalized large carbon ring stuff.

I had to do a lot of this when I was doing research at UMKC. Not this one specifically because we were looking for other functional molecules - but similar.

There’s a lot of ways to bring 2 or 3 different long chains like this together.

I ended up focusing on one half first, putting it on solid state resin and then attaching the other functional tails and cleaving it off the resin.

I’m mostly hearing about this regarding clinical trials for treatment of cannabis use disorder withdrawals, specific to the anxiety/depression from that treatment.

That’s what I’ve seen in the literature so far - and usually not as “let us synthesis this” but as “the substance that is missing when people are recovering from CUD”.

It interacts with the same CB1 receptors as some cannabinoids, you know? Which could make someone feel good. But it seems the jury is out on just how could one would feel. There have been clinical trials though, so you could get more specific info there if you wanted. This study has a lot of excellent references as well, if you are interested.

But seriously - everyone is talking about using it to help people NOT BE HIGH. Not for its own euphoric effects.


Bump ?

Have you every heard of the search tool Reaxys? My university had access to it but you could search research papers by structure. Almost always had a bunch of spectra for nmr, but vis, ir, and it generally had a bunch of syntheses as well. It’s probably pretty expensive but you could try and bum your way in through an institution if you can


I have the synthesis
And it s yield seems ok 85%
Main question now is is it useful to produce gas anyone gotten any experience with it s use

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Rogue, you brain is running on it, every day .


Again: Sigma Aldrich (except this time not in ACN): https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/US/en/product/sigma/a0580

466$/25ml shit’s pricy.

Can’t find any extremely detailed synthesis info.

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Given the literature i suspect it will be rather mildly psychoactive yes.

Boiling point is near 1000F, would need to be an oral/topical application.

If your exploring a psychoactive preparation, you may want to compound with guineesine, might help get dosage/effects to more realistic levels. Some of the analogues seem to have higher affinity as well, would be worth exploring.

Useful is in the eyes of the beholder, but this could potentially have multiple niche applications outside of a buzz. Seems it would worth exploring for treatment of cannabinoid withdrawals, downregulated/dysfunctional ECS, etc. Or perhaps a wider array of conditions in intolerant users.

I think a decent comparison/measuring stick is likely something like H4-cbd here. Thinking this will be practically inert to a tolerant user, but have more applications elsewhere.


Could try truffles


Or go down the rabbit hole of harvesting from porcine brain. I just did…


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Might be a better chance than using the truffles, possibly a higher content of the compound going with the porcine brains, though growing mushrooms would be a fuck load easier because you can grow as much as you want and then harvest what you need from them.

But it’s also way less gross to grow mushrooms than it is to harvest something from brains.

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It s a nice additive in general for cannabinoid tinctures

Funny thing there is a synthesis from guineesine to mdma
Won t recomend it but it is possible

Wow. Thank you.

Since anandamide, a prominent member of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), is responsible for melanin synthesis in normal human epidermal melanocytes

It rubs the lotion on its skin…

Truffles are non-trivial.