Looking for licensed processor in NY

Ideally upstate but not strictly required.

Message me.


What are you looking to get run down to?


I’ve got a dispensary wanting to carry product, looking to partner with a local manufacture to make it. Ideally looking for someone wanting to take it state-wide.


You could hit up nightshade farms on Instagram…I know he’s on here just don’t know his username. He just started ramping up, but I’m pretty sure he’s only on the ethanol side for now.


Licensed NY processor here. Feel free to DM.


@beakskiffresearch might be a good person to hit up.


We would love to be an option for extraction equipment when the need arises.

We are making products and launching brands - Temple Manufacturing Company - located Orange County, NY - AUCC and AUCP license holder- shoot me a message. adam@fusioncbd.com


Careful. There’s stringent rules governing how closely processors can work with dispensaries for particular products.

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Vague. What rules are you referring to?

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NY’s enabling legislation, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act prohibits any person authorized to cultivate, process, or distribute cannabis to make any gift or render any service of any kind whatsoever, directly or indirectly, to any person licensed under this chapter which in the judgment of the board may influence such licensee to purchase the product of such cultivator or processor or distributor.

The Office of Cannabis Management interprets this provision in various guidance documents, noting:

To prevent suppliers from exerting inappropriate control over retail dispensaries, the Cannabis Law places restrictions on the ability of an entity in one tier from having an interest in an entity in another tier of the industry.

Retail dispensaries, their true parties of interest, passive investors, and any management service providers cannot have any interest in any business anywhere that cultivates, processes, or distributes cannabis. Applicants with an interest in such a business, no matter how small that interest is, will not be approved. A licensee who, themselves or through their True Parties of Interest, passive investors, or any management service providers, holds a prohibited interest risks their license being cancelled, suspended, or revoked or other enforcement actions being taken.

The Cannabis Law also prohibits licensees authorized to cultivate, process, or distribute cannabis from giving something of value to retail dispensaries to induce the retail dispensary to buy something from the licensee authorized to cultivate, process, or distribute cannabis. Generally speaking, the Office presumes that anything such licensee gives to a retail dispensary is meant to induce the retail dispensary to buy product including, but not limited to: (1) gifts; (2) discounts, except not in excess of one per centum for payment on or before ten days from date of shipment of such cannabis; (3) customer loyalty programs; (4) loans of money; (5) premiums; (6) rebates; (7) free product of any kind, except as permitted in regulations or guidance; (8) treats or services; or (9) property.

These “gift and service” rules are taken directly from NY’s alcoholic beverage control law and the OCM is interpreting the marijuana laws similarly to how the state liquor authority interprets NY’s alcohol laws.

There’s a plethora of guidance on the alcohol side that will be of critical importance for marijuana operators to understand. A processor for example cannot make a product specifically for once dispensary and cannot give a discount on a product to only one dispensary. That is an impermissible gift that in the eyes of the OCM has the potential to unduly influence the purchasing decisions of the retailer.

Isnt that just to kill sticker shops though?

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No, it has nothing to do with sticker shops. Rather, it’s to preserve the independence of the retail dispensary and to make sure the products they decide to carry are not influenced by members of the supply tier (cultivators, processors, distributors) who give them discounts, cash, gifts, etc. to carry their products.

Again, this is identical to the alcohol beverage model in NY and many other states that were enacted post prohibition for the purpose of "fostering and promoting temperance in the consumption of alcohol” and to “prevent monopolies and other undesirable influences” in the alcohol industry.

Yes, I understand cannabis is nothing like alcohol but here in NY, we are stuck with cannabis legislation that is nearly identical to alcohol legislation so we can learn a whole lot from how alcohol regulators enforce these identical laws in anticipation of how cannabis regulators will enforce its laws.

I would take the regs with a grain of salt lol, these people can’t even answer questions regarding half the regs at OCM. They’re being sued to oblivion now thankfully for the “social equity” application cock blocking

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That lawsuit is being driven by a handful of the ROs (Curaleaf, GTI, and PharmaCann) to expedite their entry into the adult-use market. Under the draft regs, ROs can’t enter adult-use retail for 3 years and have to pay millions in licensing fees. For obvious reasons, they want to enter the adult-use market now.

It’s also motivated by the need to quash the rampant explosion of the black market. While the OCM isn’t doing much to stop it, I don’t think they necessarily have the authority to do so.

I think the fight to open up the adult use market to all dispensary applicants, and not just CAURD applicants is an important one, I don’t get the sense that it was the most pressing issue.

[quote=“NotJustALawyerOnTV, post:15, topic:200513”]
It’s also motivated by the need to quash the rampant explosion of the black market. While the OCM isn’t doing much to stop it, I don’t think they necessarily have the authority to do so [/quote]

What are you talking about? They’re suing themselves to quash the explosion of the black market? By delaying the rollout of recreational licensing by cock blocking anyone who isn’t a “social equity” applicant? I feel like your answers are made by ChatGPT. OCM could very easily quash the black market by… drum roll… accepting all applications and not just “justice involved” ones

We’re 2 years in now and there is no sign of application process opening up for all NYers

The lawsuits are about discriminatory licensing… from the most recent lawsuit last month -

They’re asking a judge to open up dispensary applications to all applicants, not just justice-involved candidates.

If anyone needs l2l filled carts in new york I got em


What are they going for?

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It depends on the hardware, concentrate, and formulation. Also, I’m looking to talk to owners, not employees

Does it?

lol ok amazon reseller

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