Looking for Licensed CAT 3 Trim in California

Greetings, I am shopping around for some CAT 3 trim options in California. 10%+ THC required, fresh frozen preferred. Let me know your pricing and projected weekly/monthly volume. Thank you!

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Also looking for cat 3 material

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@SISU @Gumby

Dm me

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L2L >10% fresh frozen in so cal weekly 2k lb drop

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located in oc can get papaya trim and a few other strains over 1000 lbs a week contact me


If he doesn’t buy you out can you message me I’d like to pick some up

Looking to get rid of 3,000 lbs of clean trim. Need gone ASAP. Grinders for sale later, used for wax, oil lab.

Well my live resin coa just came back and failed for fucking pesticides…again. I can’t trust any growers in Cali and they won’t give me a coa cause they don’t have to. We have to have a distributor be the middle man for the coa which is bullshit.
On the fresh frozen you’re talking about. Do you have a coa on it?