Looking for large processor in Southeast

Hey folks, looking for a large scale processor in the southeast who can take roughly 30,000lbs of quality Biomass to Isolate in a Reasonable amount of time. Please contact me if you know any reputable labs in the area. We are located in TN.

We’re in Southern Kentucky right across the border. Depending on the size of the material we should be able to process that through in a few days time.

PM sent with contact info.

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@Siosis is solid and does good business, runs a tight ship and doesn’t play and BS
@Isoguy has one of the well equipped and well run labs on the east coast IMO


He’s who I called you about

I can help you out. shoot me an email at nate@kifcure.com

Try Zelios in Lexington. Good people


What’s up my friend. Thanks Rowan for the shout out .