Looking for Lab Tech in Central Maine

Avidly looking for an organized, hard working individual who wants potential growth with our company, experience is preferred but not required. Need someone who wants to put in 40+ hours a week and who absolutely is die hard for making hash. Location and where you are from does not matter as long as your willing to make the move right away.

We are currently zoned for recreational and medical use for manufacturing and cultivation and are expanding quickly with a very small team. cultivation/gardening work based applications accepted also but really trying to fit in somebody to run the @N.B.OLER 10lb Closed Loop



Welcome @OasisRefinery! Where you at in maine?


Thank you! We are just south of Augusta


Hello Jacob, I found your thread and wanted to reach out to you even though its 11 months old. I will be relocating to Maine in the near future and am looking to continue growing and processing. I currently help (just head grower and myself) run a multi tiered 72 light LED recreational grow facility near Portland, Oregon. We grow top shelf cannabis and press bubble hash. Along with this I own and operate a Subzero closed loop system making shatter and diamonds. I am a hard working reliable veteran who’s extremely passionate about what I do. I have many years experience in this industry along with the machining (tool maker) and heating industry(heating tech).
Wether your looking for a solid team player or if you may know anybody else in the area who might be, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer. I will have an updated resume available soon.
Thanks for your time, Phelicks Ayer