Looking for Lab for Splits!

I am looking for a lab interested in a split from biomass to crude/iso/D8+ preferably on the west coast. 10-12% hemp biomass will be coming from Northern California ready to go in 2-3 weeks. 3-5k lbs per week to start and then wanting to scale up. I am interested in the lab doing a buy back for a fair price as well. I AM NOT A BROKER I AM THE DIRECT POC!

We’re in Oregon. We have some openings in our processing lab. We are a small 20 acre farm and lab but, we can chew through about 500lbs per day to winterized crude conservatively.

Id be interested to find out more, if you have 10-12% yielding material, and the buyback price and split are decent, I’d be happy to do splits. Also have a few other buddies who have processing labs here in Oregon. Im sure some of them are on the forum, never really checked but id be happy to help facilitate a conversation if our capacity isn’t enough.

Ill dm you my contact.

Thanks so much! I just reached back out to you so please give me a call when you can!

whats the term buyback mean>does it mean to process it you have to own it? I met someone at a conention offering twister trimming parties and he mentioned buyback?

It means you process it for someone for free and they buy it all back from you at a discounted price.

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i have to see if they overcharge.

whats a rate for twistering indoor thats bucked and dry?

Just get yourself a good trimmer, you’ll kick yourself for not making the switch sooner.

We are scaling up to do larger hemp splits and d8 tolling. Located in OK and CO. What splits were you thinking on the crude/iso/d8?

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I bid on a mobius and a t2 in the canadian auction. im broke and my limit was 4 k and that would even be a mess.

Pluck off anything without sugar on it and throw the rest in a trim bag and have your wook go at it. Its not perfect but for the cost and time you save its worth it if your not going for perfect. It does a decent job.

Unless your doing 100+ lbs you don’t need a t2 look into there t6 or centurion table top.

Dude= wook comes checks all my beer finding spots and plops down on the leather chair and goes on the phone explainging to his mom hes busy working.

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as of today im trying to lay off alcohol again. you cant do it too sudden but i told him not to mention beer or bring any- he plopped down had 3 cigs, pulled some pots to center of work space and bailed. I had my hands shaking like crazy and busy doing all shit like cleaning and fixing the lawn equipment he broke and flushing and all this. problem is he needs constant supervision for almost all things and he still messes up somehow some way. the pots i had him fill are packed hard as a rock??? im like wtf we did it together and i told him pack loose.


Back to topic. So your looking for someone to run your trim then buy the product back?
Why wouldn’t you just sell the trim?

i didnt know buyback is on the trim= thats why im confused. I thought it was bullshit that when i gave them lbs it became theirs and i had to buy it back somehow to be legal. They can keep the trim that falls through the screen ill run lower nugs. Ive had strains that had alot of trim yield but i dont care. Im gonna contact that person, they happened to say its in the town near me. Its a party so there will be multiple growers so ill make connections too. My impression was that its for handicapped type with a med grow that need a hand but ill see. obv crap trimm= no buyback and maybe no reinvite. good trim - buyback= i run oil so well see if its worth selling trim or running oil. Ill stop the derail but hopefully a few learned a thing about splits and buyback.

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for 4 k id take a brand new t2, it was an auction someone here posted. they had over 10 and sold for 10k approx each. the mobus trimmers sold for 14 k ish it was gonna be about 500 - 1000 shipping too.

Where the heck did you see them sell for 10k each? I’ve been trying to sell my T2 for 5k and it’s been pretty slow.

they were new in crate on a canadian auction= most customers were prolly canadian chads seeing a bargain- like i said i bid 4 k

i figured id get use out of it and resell for amild profit. the retail price on the mobius is over 30 k for some reason= chads.