Looking for Jamaican botanical terpenes

Hi All,

Looking for a source of botanical terpenes from Jamaica. Any leads? Thanks in advance.

I have subcritical CO2 extracted CDTs. And some of our strains have Jamaican lineage. Check out our current stock ,

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@GanjaBob Why, pray tell, does it matter where they come from if they arent canna terps.

Jamaica is a tiny country. For the price of your marketing gimmic you could provide your customers with a better product.

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What’s the marketing gimmick,
These are CDT

Not you betroit, the man who wants jamaican, your terps are real weed

OK cool yeah I thought it was kind of a stretch for me to say that some of our strains have Jamaican lineage which definitely is true but definitely a stretch

And when the guy was asking for botanical Turpines I wasn’t sure if he meant from some native plant that grows in Jamaica besides cannabis

Cheers guys. I’m basically completely immobile right now I hurt my hips so bad on the left side and my right foot is so messed up I can barely walk so I’m just happy to be in as good as healthy as I am



I saw a video of a steam still on mj material going in Jamaica on bcbubbleman’s page on IG. So someone is pulling the essential oils. I think he introduces the person doing it.

hey all, i want to infuse our extract with flavor from jamaica. it can be mango, pineapple, non cannabis. true, a way to differenitate some of our product lines. thanks.

In all honesty I have a partner that does a lot of things in Florida and down there the people really love the tropical flavors they love the lemon lime the lime sherbet the mango and the banana they go crazy for all that tropical stuff it’s pretty funny how it’s regional like that

I have sourced food grade Turpines from so many sources that were absolute crap there’s only a couple that I would ever recommend to other people

Hey man, I´m from Colombia, and i want to bring terpens down here. Can you please recommend some good sources?


PD: hope you recover soon.

I’ve got hemp Terpene that are totally legal to send to Columbia. But the CDT terpenes are not legal to send. I don’t want to get anyone into trouble.

Anyone got a plug on a Jamaican bob sledding team?

Didn’t read this post. Hope it’s the only cool runnings reference :frowning:


@Eastcoaststrange :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I had a very very nice mango terp from the werc shop. It’s not from Jamaica - if that’s what you need. But it tastes great.

Get wel soon :muscle:

botanical terpenes from Jamaica are good?

That Depends
Jamaican weed has great flavors
And while extracting there i wasn t able to replicate the taste of the soil
Any jamaican in Jamaica or abroad
Will tell you they can recognise real jamaican weed by the taste of the jamaican soil don t ask me what it taste like but it s hard to mimic or extract
Or they where yust fooling me to test dabs for free🤣