Looking for Hydrocarbon or distillation extraction work

Many ppl can make good quality…but not everyone can teach others how to do it.

Not b/c they aren’t capable…I think everyone can teach…just have to golden rule it. (Lolol)

What IF I had a sick loved one I wanted to help?
What IF I was a complete newb?

What type of extract class would help me learn?

I think if one asked themselves these questions they could come up w a really good class. Cater to that newb trying to help they’re family.

Even if the whole class is ppl trying to make money…teach as if.

“Newb diy extract class”
You could have 1 day course
2 days…7 days.

Have a SHO day
Solvent day

So many options…if anyone reading this and your good at making extracts…YOU CAN TEACH A CLASS!!! Just think on what IF you were that newb. It be really cool. Help lots of ppl and make a few bucks. :sunglasses::surfing_man:

Creat that course!!!


I’d have to team up with people who’ve used different cannabinoids for different ailments. I’d have to utilize a team mates area for the courses
I’d have to charge and split the earnings
I’d have to not make certifications for post class considering I’m not a certified extractor - in the ways that industrial extractors are (industrial in the sense that they work in the industry, respectively)

I’d have to make sure that what I say and do is tried and true and tested for cannabinoid conversions and COA comparisons pre decarb and post decarb all that jazz.

I’d have to do a lot of work if I truly wanted to go all out with it and that’s the only way I’d go if I did something like teaching, is all out :octopus::v:t2:

Damn this shit makes me wanna make some rso :stuck_out_tongue: :octopus:


Rso best for edibles imo. That full spectrum. More “medicinal”.

All the info is already out there. You don’t need a bunch of ppl. You just have to run a good class.

You and an assistant all you need really. Practice on a group of friends at first…maybe record it and watch it after to make improvements/adjustments.

Most important thing is run a good class where anyone can walk away being able diy.
*I’d check the laws where you live as well, make sure your not breaking any laws.

(Gotta respect em)

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Appreciated homies :pray:t2::pray:t2::100:



Hope you start your own class…you’d crush it.

There’s a bunch of businesses still paying good money to teach they’re employees how to properly use equipment, extract and finish.
(Advanced class)

There’s WAY more ppl in the diy space.
(Entry level) Basic advertisement for say 60 days. Basic info website… Experience…a small gallery to showcase what you’ve made and what other ppl can make with your help.

You could probably make your asking salary in 1/4 the amount of work and time.

If not you maybe someone else reading. You def could though. Wouldn’t cost much to get started.


Honestly I would love to do classes , I have typed up sops and got approved from the state maine, for all desires products, I love turning dials and making :fire:, it a passion, I’ve taught people that had ZERO experience, consulted a lab once time, they decided to do a fresh start on employees, but I kept a woman that was scrubbing floors and now she a post processor queen crushing it.

If I could get some homies together to do classes or someone direct me I’d be all about it…… I love teaching




If you’re looking for homies to teach with, look no further :triumph: I’m down to build something up with like minded people. I’m good at the whole growing, extracting and teaching thing, but my networking abilities need some work I’ll admit :rofl:

I think you actually reached out to me a little while back on Insta about work in Maine, going over some potential plans you had going on. Either way, I hope things work out for you, you got this!


Let’s get something going bro!! And he’ll yea I remember you, I still got project on the back burner and haven’t forgotten about u! I’ve done commercial cultivation to commercial manufacturing to cart formulations… I’m hungry to get out there and throw terps ….





Passion is one of and a very important ingredient

I’ll dm you in a few days, organize some thoughts and all the questions I got for you… At the very least prob help w a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Future is bright :sunglasses::surfing_man:


Hell yea I look forward to hear from you



If other teachers with passion interested in working some classes…

Hit me up at


Thinking around July

*East coast line


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