Looking for Hydrocarbon or distillation extraction work

Hi I’ve work last 4 years doing lab build outs and managing a small crew , running medical and rec company, to building and designed certified machines , I’m looking for lab work, would like at least 75k salary , can do post processing and distillation as well, I understand how to deal with the fast crashing substance as well and reverse the reactions
I have references as well
Certified on the iron fist, ets , and precision



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I’m in Maine but I’m open to anywhere basically


Where at in Maine? I can get you an extract job in Waterville area. Won’t be what you are asking, cause that won’t happen in Maine.
But good opportunity to grow

I’m in southern I wish Waterville wasn’t soo far damn

Hope it works out for you, where were you working at?

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I live in Kennebunkport but was driving and hour and twenty to a lab in fryburg , just took a toll on me man the commute

Don’t undervalue yourself. If what your saying is true you def worth at LEAST 75k/yr. Hope you find a good spot.

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:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: appreciate you , defiantly hold my self up I seriously appreciate that

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Your very welcome…also smoke something and get into that creative mindset…brain storm a bit.

You could start your own business teaching classes how to make different extracts (or just diamonds alone)

High demand to learn how to diy some diamonds…rso as well.

Even if just in the side…might as well build something for yourself as well.

:thinking: Rso class would be big too. :sunglasses: :surfing_man:

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Bumpy bump

We will actually be in Maine in April at Pamo Lab for a two day BHO-Soventless class with @Dred_pirate and @nikka-T. Join us!

Even experts learn something and the networking is tops!


I’ll most likely be there!




For reals? Damn my rso capsules hit every time
… Maybe I should be doing clandestine courses and charging a “membership fee,” then again that seems like a lot of work

pops Pringle can

makes an ice cream sandwich with bread because why the fuck not

Ehhhhh, someone else will do it. Not me though swims and eats an ice cream sandwich:octopus:

Saw what must have been your old position listed this morning. Good luck on the hunt man.

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Would you recommend it? Asking for a friend.

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:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: yeas jeez that pay definitely different than what I was getting eek lol

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Yeah it’s good if you put two scoops on half a side of one slice of bread and fold it over and you gotta use hood ice cream and honey wheat bread

back to original topic.

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