Looking for hemp oil


I need about half a kilo of good quality, winterized, and not dark hemp oil/crude.

Certified vendors only, please.




Want to explain what “not dark” means to us? I haven’t seen any ethanol extracted crude that wasn’t dark in color, especially if its been decarbed.


Something that doesn’t look like this. If you are considering it as oil to look like this, please do not respond. I don’t want it.


WhT is that ? Is that ethanol extracted crude oil?


Something. It was supposed to be 2 kilo. Lost 800g on dewax and however on decarb and its the worst smelling cbd I’ve ever experienced.


Let me ask someone I know.


Damn bummer :cry:


Seriously. We’re going to see if we can put together a small 1l with gear we have laying around and run it just to get something halfway decent out of it.

It’s only 56%…


Damn, that does look terrible. How thin is it? If I didn’t know better I’d say that was CO2 extracted crude cut with something else to thin it out. The crude my lab is producing doing cold ethanol extraction is a dark brown-black color after decarb and when cooled to room temp has the approximate viscosity of 90 wt gear oil.


It was definitely thinned out with alcohol.