Looking for hemp live resin that’s .3 thc

Looking for some high quality hemp live resin that’s .3 delta 9 or close if possible.




Gonna be extremely hard to find, the flower would have to be 0.03 percent thc or less before extraction.

Looking for as close to compliant delta 9 as possible. Open to what ever :fire::fire: is out there if that’s not realistic.


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@AppalachianExtractor has some amazing FF not gunna be in your t range but hit him up :call_me_hand:

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I have some live resin that is at or below .3 let’s be in touch.


Interested in more info please.

The live resin I have was made with fresh frozen material I don’t have a whole lot of it though. It is made with Watermelon BaOx
Ran through a light CRC. $250/oz
You can call me for more questions ray@ 828-747-9608

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