Looking for Head Nursery Grower in Oklahoma

Hey Future friends we are beginning our search process for the next key piece to our businesses long term success

About us: last year me and my brother sat down and started figuring out ways to expand in the down market and after a bunch of lame ideas we decided to buy some land and start a cannabis nursery, I called my Best friend offered him a job moved him out and we got to work building, fast forward 1 year and several thousand man hours and we watched the business plan and goals expand from a half baked dream to a fully-fledged endeavor

Things to Know

** the position will start officially in April/may

  • Interviews Will start in February
  • Two separate week trial Run periods will take place
  • Moving assistance will be provided
  • Company Housing is Provided
  • Company cell phone and phone plan provided
  • Company laptop provided
  • Company Car available for certain individuals
  • We plan on gowing ALOT more than just cannabis
  • Monthly paid salary
  • Equity and profit sharing Options available
  • Yearly production/sale Bonuses available
  • Zero cost trips to cannabis events and Expos
  • we arnt rich/Chads

Job description: DM me for application, they will start going out next week and we will start calling individuals to set up interviews the last week of January


Sounds like the perfect opportunity for someone. I would love to apply but, never grew on scale. Best of luck in your search.


We arnt rich/chads already love you guys :100:


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Still Time to reach out! Great opportunity for ANYBODY who loves growing plants :+1:

We will also be looking for Partners with licensed farms or individuals living in Rec/Med states growing at home for our 2024 breeding project over the next couple months
We have accumulated 150+ cultivars from Top Brands like Bleaf, in-house genetics, Lit Farms, compound genetics, seed junky ect, including 30+ true landrace and authentic 90’s heirloom genetics From Ace seeds, Khalifa, the Real Seed Company
We have also acquired the Exclusive breeding rights to a cut and seeds of an extremely rare Hemp variety that contains detectable levels of the rare cannabinoids CBDPa and THCPa…

There will be requirements to join but I will make an alternate thread for that with more details in the coming weeks, It should be a great networking experience and a chance to get ahold of some rare/expensive genetics :sunglasses:


looks like the applications are flooding in

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Sorry, but looks like you missed out on the application time frame provided :cry: feel free to check out the 2024 breeders project post we make next week for another cool opportunity :+1:

I’m actually excited to see you selling clones to the forum, its a bulletproof business model

We have filled our list of potential applicants for this postion, please close this thread :pray: and everyone else make sure to keep an eye out for our 2024 breeders post, should be great opportunity to expand your collection and make cool new Hybrids :grinning: