Looking for fresh frozen

Hello, I’m looking to purchase 20 lbs of fresh frozen material. I am on the east side. Message me if interested. Thanks

Are we supposed to be flagging the wtb threads? Is what you two are doing legal? Plus use some common sense, Jesus.

You’re def getting flagged @Alyssa

This isn’t a slanging site…


If you’re slanging cbd, get verified, if not gfto with that shit.


I’m not advertising anything I have

I was just speaking to a farmer today that has a truck full of fresh frozen and he doesn’t know what to do with it he’s an old man and I told him that I would try to help him. He doesnt even use the internet and has been attempting to get some kid to help who has no clue where to find a market.

Im sorry I angered you. Was not my intention at all.

Also legal? Yes. Breaking the websites rules? Maybe, i didn’t think so but i guess so

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brokering is still slinging


In this case like I said I have nothing in the game, no money for me… was just attempting to help someone who seems like they really needed help. Not everything is about money. Sometimes its about being a decent human being. Karma.
But ya sorry again…

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