Looking for Falling film recommendations..

Looking for falling film recommendations
Thanks for the help…

Check out the Agile Stainless system, it was developed by them and Future! Good piece of kit.

I think I’m gunna go with one of these bad boys
Like 100k cheaper than any other design I’ve found, and even buying my own gear pumps will still be way under 90-100k Seems to be the cheapest falling film on the market??

You should document it. I’m thinking of doing that with a wfe.

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From what I’ve seen In The market and having seen a few different brands of ffe up close there’s no secret science here folks lol it just simple thermodynamics.
Surface area + heat =evaporation devised by cooling capacity, equals recovery rate.
Very recently I thought bozzybee or someone had some trade secret or something but after seeing one up close a few days ago, I see this design is nearly identical in function. It’s not optimized for 50 gallons per hour or whatever crazy claims these dudes have, but I’m fairly confident I can get 20-25 gallons per hour with this baby no problem at all.

Found it on eBay for 15k minus pumps