Looking for extractor to work with in Oklahoma

We’ve got about 1,500 lbs of fresh frozen outdoor material we are looking to get toll processed into diamonds or run a split into diamonds. Got the full panel COA for the state, everything is 17%-19% thc and passes for all pesticides, metals, microbial and foreign material. Tried a few different extractors around Oklahoma so far, not mentioning any names, and no one seems to be that great to work with for diamonds. Most labs want to run sugar and live badder due to their experience level and setup they have. Our L2L sales are strongest with diamonds and we are currently getting all of the trim ran into sugar and crumble so its a bit of a waste to run our frozen material into such. All of the frozen material is straight buds, no water leaves and no excessive ice or water content. The material has been harvested and thrown into the -20 F commercial freezer right away and the bags are NOT over sealed to create a frozen brick. It’s all loose individual frozen buds in a storage bag. Currently about 4 strains we have on hand to run for BHO not solventless, were not interested in solventless extraction for this material because the strains aren’t specific for that. These same strains I’ve ran and worked with on large scale in CA and yield about 4%-5% for just about any hydrocarbon extraction with the same lab testing % we got in Oklahoma and farmed with the same practices. I’m open for a test batch with any licensed extractor that can mine diamonds. We don’t have reefer trucks and you would need to be able to facilitate the licensed frozen pickup in Lincoln county. If you want a COA of frozen material or want to talk more about it shoot me a message!





We might be able to help :grin:


Yeeeeee lets run a test batch cuz!


We would love to run some for a tester. We’re in Stilwell OK. Where are you guys located?

Hey we’re in Prague, OK Lincoln county. We’ve got some ready fir pickup if your free to talk about it today.


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4-5%? In the California sun for sure.
Hopefully Oklahoma outdoor will give you those results too.

Hopefully so, I’ve yet to get a good conclusion but the COA’s are testing the same. There could def be other factors contributing to a lower yield. I’ll keep everyone posted as to what I find out.