Looking for distribution info in SoCal area

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well during these weird times that we are all going through right now!
I’m currently looking to get my manufacturing brand licensed in California for my up and coming edibles brand and have a couple questions targeted toward California licensed distributors.

  1. What is the demand of edibles the last year or so. I know the industry is growing constantly but I am looking to see how many orders I can expect or work up to on a weekly/monthly basis.
  2. Any info on wholesale average competitive pricing I’m to compete with in regards to the edible industry.
    My goal is to use this info to finish drafting up my business plan and work out a few unknowns in the expense/sales area. We will be starting operations in the SoCal area, specifically. Thank you for any help in advance.


Check out MJbizdaily and dig around for other charts that can be very helpful for your business. They will have data for previous years of edible sales and current ones for California.
Also, what are your plans for packaging? I can help with that. I’m with brand new company Obsidian Supply in downtown LA. We can help your package designs as well as sourcing just about anything you need to help your business launch.

Thank you much, I’ll keep digging and check out MJbizdaily! No current solid plans for packaging, browsed a few wholesalers that fit the California compliance codes for edible packaging to get an idea on prices but we are not at a stage to set anything in stone regarding packaging yet. It would be nice to source packaging domestically, but everything I’ve been looking at has been very pricey. If you could DM me some more info on whether you guys provide child-resistant packaging for the life of the product and other details regarding quality and price, I’d be more than happy to discuss possible future business.