Looking for distillate in California. Licensed B2B

Repost of a previous post.

I am a licensed manufacture/distributor looking for cat2 clean distillate.
Under $10 a G preferred.
We can sign LOI’s, or other contracts if you wish.
We have immediate funding ready, for quantities of up to 100-900L per week, ready.
Dont play any bullshit with me please. I can read lies/nonsense immediately, and dont take well to being fed it.

Call/text me at 1-833-MAKE-OIL

We are located in Southern California, but are interested in distillate anywhere in the CA market.


Tried calling you and sent you a text. 215 number. Give me a call and I will set you up with the seller Directly.


hey hemppicated.com cal you please help me also i need pest free and pest pass distillate in bulk ammounts can you give me a call or text? 8184711928 edens

Yes can you please call me as well - I too have bulk needs with pending loi and pof waiting to order just having problems finding legitimate supplier with full COA and a legitimate SOP. I will dm you my phone number. Thank you!


Hey man i work for two cannabis company in so cal. My client needs 85 liters of distillate per week. We got our guy but he cant produce that amount. Need a quote for it but client has 500k on hand. Please please call me 6262307065 so we can all eat and make this happen :raised_hands:

Fully Type 7 in Humboldt with inventory today. Call anytime



State Permit Required

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Hey there. I have access to over 5000L/mo with multiple lab. Can single source (each order sourced from 1 lab) anything that comes across your way. Shoot me your number in messages.

Hello distydeals,

My name is Christian I work with Dr Zodiaks MoonRock Clear. We are looking to purchase distillate. We currently use 90%+ and looking to purchase 10L to 15L a week.

Please email me at christian@zodiaksmoonrock.com

Thank you,

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Hey I need 1000 liters a month ready now in ca legal if possible.


Hi Mabbey, Were you able to get this sourced?

We are serious sellers.
In NorCal and SoCal, can make 250L a week of premium CAT 3 distillate. In June we will be able to make 500L a week, opening up a second location.


Are you still in the market for high volumes of Distillate

are you still looking for CBD Distillate

follow the directions in this link if you would like to sell stuff on this forum: Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post - #401 by Future

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$3450 for 95% THC distillate

Licensed only please

Message for more details