Looking for Crashed Distilled Mother’s Liquor

Hey fam,

I’m looking for someone who either has 1) CLEAN Mother Liquor or can procure clean Mother Liquor, 2) can then Distill it and then 3) crash out as much CBD as possible.

I am interested in purchasing an oil that is high in all of the minors and other constituents.

If you have access to this or can process Mother Liquor into this, let me know here or hit the DMs!

Looking for a few Kgs to start and then can ramp up.


Try: Search results for 'Mother liquor #hemp' - Future4200

When you say “Clean”, do you mean COMPLETELY purged of all solvents?

No, I mean no pesticides, heavy metals, etc. solvents we can remove on our end

Sent a DM

Anything you get should be fully purged unless you ask it to come diluted