Looking for Conversion Dist Equipment

In search of: 5-10L Turnkey Shortpath with pump/s
50L Turnkey Reactor with chiller/heater
20L Turnkey Rotovap with chiller

Must show proof equipment is clean of oil and in working condition ie prove it by sending me a video of it plugged in and turning on, please do not send me pictures of your dirty equipment sitting in a broken down barn on the hill and say “it works”. Prefer USA Labs or AI. I am located in Southern California, willing to drive to NorCal if necessary.

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I can get you set up with one of my steel short paths. Message me here if you’re interested i am in Bay Area California.

There is a bit of a lead time for the steel
Glass and steel both made in California


I have a jacketed glass 100L turnkey reactor with recirculating heater and reflux condenser in Sacramento

We are in SoCal. We have new rotos and short path setups. We blow our glass in house so anything breaks you can come back and we will repair it.

i got some stuff for you if you want to shoot me a message

turnkey 12L summit short paths. can provide pics/videos/ face time calls etc…

Still have the short path

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