Looking for consultant on CBD extraction company

Hey guys,

My partner and I are starting a small CBD extraction company in SoCal, and need some general guidance before we begin purchasing equipment, etc. We have both learned a lot from this forum and personal experience as well, but still have some final details to mull over.

If you have experience in CBD extraction using ethanol, understand the legalities of the industry in CA, and can help us understand the current distillate market - please DM me. Willing to pay DOE. Thanks!


Aren’t we all??? I think this is your guy.


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I’d be happy to help, but my time is extremely limited. Plus, there are a number of consultants here in the “Verified Consultant” category that are as good or better than me, typically for cheaper.


Hi! I’m not a “verified consultant” yet but I just joined a few days ago. We can definitely help as far as consulting on extraction. Can’t say we are the most familiar with CA regulations but that’s usually something we can research and find out pretty easy. If you’d like to talk give me a shout! 970-413-1134

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I’ve got a great friend down in socal who really knows his stuff and has done consults for people including some who are here

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I can help you.

Check your DMs

I’m in socal too


I can help you with your lab and equipment needs

Next level lab’s check him out on Instagram.

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I would love to help you guys out. I currently do a lot of consulting in Colorado, and Oklahoma for CBD extraction companies as well as THC companies. Feel free to check out my instagram although I am slow to actually update it.

I’m always happy to help