Looking for Co2 Controller for small grow

title says it all.
would prefer an Atlas 3, but would consider other options.

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I purchased this one for a small grow and it’s working great seems to hold the zone very well. Deff worth a look at.

We’re still using these, haven’t had any issues so far:


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this seems 100 cheaper than when i bought it a few months ago. https://hydrobuilder.com/grow-room-environment/co2-devices/co2-controllers/autopilot-digital-co2-controller-with-15-remote-sensor-18-cs.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxdSHBhCdARIsAG6zhlU3LENMn1Kz1gEg1LmVLwjEuUzpWf0RPY5AZK5YnI1zhapDgZ1TzFQaAk1UEALw_wcB

TrolMaster hydro x plus a co2 sensor and module prolly about $350-400 total


I use that one also and works great.

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I have had issues with one when I bought one

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First one is 200
Second one is 249

Look into the trolmaster. You can integrate everything thru there system


I went with the inkbird icc-500t coupled with a 20lb tank and cga320 regulator, pushing into a drip line twist tied onto a scrog net. After comparing reviews and pricing for a small scale room, this was the best *value I could find. It’ll run the regulator and an external fan, while giving you digital readouts. There’s a port for something else that you might be able to log data from, but I don’t know for sure

Auto pilot co2 controllers are cheap and effective

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the only issue ive had is the sensor must draw bugs in> it was full of fungus gnats once and I had to blow them out.

Just put black electrical tape over the light, I’ve never seen one that wasn’t covered by the end user

Interesting. We’ve got 5 or 6 and no issues but maybe we just got lucky. I had worse luck with the autopilots

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autopilot is poo

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what happens to autopiliot? it just stops working?