Looking for clean spent biomass

Let me know! Need 70k lbs a month


We have Co2 Extracted spent biomass. 50-100lbs a week if its of any interest.

Thanks, but client is looking for more than that

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I’m in Pa. I have a couple thousand lbs available now. Have 40000 in house to be extracted, will be doing 30000 a month. By January.

Define ‘clean’

Might also help to define location. Not that you cant ship it, just that it’s easier not to…


We have that easily covered many times over.

I have a buddy with 28k pounds right now and more accumulating daily. Still has a little bit of CBD in it too, up to 2-3%. In southern Oregon.

Thanks for the response. If the biomass is free of pesticides and not already milled, I’d like to continue this conversation. Send me a DM if this sounds like a good fit.

Free of pesticides/mold
fit for human consumption

The location is not an issue.
If its a fit, I pay for testing and shipping
the forklift is the new shovel…

Thank you for your response. I believe we may be a good fit. Talk to you soon.

If he can fulfill the order, I’d be interested. Let’s continue this conversation. Seems like were neighbors

We produced 1,500 lbs of spent bio every 3hrs email heathhunter32@gmail.com

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ur a lil behind