Looking for CBND

Looking for CBND. Its being marketed online so allegedly its out there. Im hoping someone reputable here can help me out so I dont have to sift through a bunch of bunk d8 labeled as cbnd.

Dm me if you have it. People that work with me on here know im a serious client not wasting your time.




I am not aware of anyone that has CBND.

If you do, reach out to me also.


Also looking for cbnd/cbdL

Can only find it in bulk in edibles at 10mg

Any news on cbdL/cbnD ?

Any one with cbdl/cbnd isolate ?

How much are you looking for? Shoot over a DM.

I can supply this H2-CBND

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 20.23.29

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All i can satt so far have no big hopes in cbnd/cbdL it tried in 20% vape and the one that bought it said nothing happend more then a calm body feeling