Looking for CBD supplier

Hi there

I am looking for regular supplier of CBD Isolated and full spectrum CBD oil in USA. We will be needing 1kg to start followed by 1kg/mo.
It’s going to be for out of United States,
at the moment the best prices that I am getting are:
Isolate $9000/ kg
Full Spectrum Distillate Oil $10 000/kg
Thank you

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Hey bud. hit me up, I got you!

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Looks like you are getting some very bad deals, I can help!


An appropriate link looks like this:



I’m not a hemp slinger and I am not trying to sling hemp. All I did was post an option, an option that I am not affiliated with.

“If you see somebody trying to sell CBD without verification status (as of this post nobody is currently verified, making me think the vast majority are scams), or anybody promoting the sale of unlicensed THC, please flag them!”

I’m not trying to sell cbd. I am trying to share info while testing the capabilities of this site and it’s members. You have not made a rule against posting links to cbd sites, so it would be beneficial to the community to append the rules to avoid this mistake in the future.


Fair point. But it doesn’t make any sense to link out to random CBD sites when we have a multitude of Verified vendors here. Not because it’s against the rules, but because it’s better for the community.