Looking for CBD Isolate, bio mass, and crude


Great shoot me an email at kevin@terrafarmacbd.com


Yes i am connected directly with a lab that can produce this for you. Contact me at chad@hempicated.com


Does anyone understand the quantity of material required to produce 30,000 kilos of Isolate? I doubt there is any 1 single lab that could provide that quantity. Furthermore, when did brokers become “licensed” in this business?


Depending on the % cbd inside the hemp it takes roughly a million pounds of hemp to create 30,000 kilos of isolate. However cleantech did not specify how many moneys he needs that in. I know of labs that can do over 30,000 kilos a month but would never sell it to one buyer in a month because of the margins.


That’s exactly my point. No lab is going to invest in that much biomass or man hours for 1 single order. Most labs would prefer to work with multiple smaller orders than put all of their eggs in one basket. They have to minimize their risk. Additionally, why would any business require that much isolate? Just my thoughts. Not meant to be argumentative.


Yeah, However i know i have 2 labs, one would need a deposit to do it obviously to buy the hemp. The other is sitting on 10 million pounds of there own hemp. and they have access to the same amount to buy through other channels. You will only see labs that are designed to run over 2 million pounds of hemp because it leaves 1 million for a buyer this size and the other million for there own personal smaller orders. Has been done before… coca cola just bought more than that or somewhere near that.


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This thread reminds me of Seinfeld episode. Called -> “Kramer sells CBD or not”


Is yours a gmp/iso facility? Can you please supply pricing


Million lbs of hemp to create 30.000?? What planet did you drop from >>Shoot. take me to that lab that will produce 30k of iso from 1 mil Lbs of Bio … Have you closed a deal before … … :joy::joy::joy: This just made my night LMAO


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Can someone tell me why there are such large gaps in Isolate pricing? I’m old school so I can understand a Coca Cola and Pepsi being within a few cents of each other but with Isolate I see a difference of over $1500 per kilo (sometimes more) in some cases for the same quantity, so what is the difference? Usually it is the reputable labs that are much higher than the broker pricing so why is this? Where are these brokers getting their product or are they sourcing lower grade product and passing it off as something better? Maybe these lower prices are the real unicorns and these deals don’t ever close?


once coke and pepsi make good on their CBD sodas, I’m sure most of that will go away.

right now it depends where you are, and if you’re willing to buy or sell across state lines I would guess.

there is also scale. reputable labs charge a premium for their reputation, because they can. others sell to brokers at lower prices, because they can move more. maybe.

I wasn’t paying attention in economics 101 :wink:


Did you get this order filled? Have what you need with ProVerde COA’s. Can do 5500 per kilo.


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can you email pricing for all? okhempbrokers@gmail.com



Yep. Have an actual buyer?


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