Looking for bulk CBD isolate

We are a New CBD company starting up called Gods Blend. Looking for 2000-3000kg of 99% cbd isolate per month. POF and LOI ready to go. Need them at 4500 per kg. Don’t tell me that’s too cheap, we know the numbers. Willing to do a year contract for 3,000kg per month if everything goes well on the first run. Please don’t be a pain in the ass broker that just talks. Looking for direct lab/company owners to work with. Location doesn’t matter we can get that handled.


Feel free to DM this guy you CBD brokers, but if I catch anyone in here posting about CBD available without their CBD verification flair I will shut it down.

@Godsblend the only CBD company on the forum I trust right now is @ky_cbd fyi


Future, this is the first I’ve seen about the CBD verification flair. Would you be so kind and point me in the right direction as to how to request process to acquire it?

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Shoot me a DM



Hey Future, I can’t seem to find a specific option to DM…unless this is the window for it?! lol

click on @future 's avatar, then click the box that says “message”.

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thanks yo!

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Can you send video with the date to show this product? Too many people say they have it and don’t. I just need proof of life.

BTW, I’m in charge of Business Development at EcoGen Labs - Check out our website to learn more about us and who we are

Chinese Isolate - almost certainly.


Please get verified before posting any sales pitches.

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