Looking for Bucking/Drying Equipment

Hey guys,

so we are currently in the process of growing 10 acres of CBD Hemp in Tennessee. Plants are in great health and growing very well.
We’ve been looking at bucking machines to turn our product into biomass. We were looking at the VZ-TEC Easy Bucker.

I wanted to see if anyone has any used equipment for sale or if anyone can drop some knowledge on what the best product/process is to use.

Also looking for drying help. Our farmer wants to build a structure on the land, that would be a big cost, but I am looking for other ways/processes to dry the product. If anyone has proven efficient ways, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Selling (2) centurion gladiator trimmers, (1) centurion 3.0 trimmer, & (1) centurion 3 headed bucker.

I’m also doing 10 acres for biomass but in Missouri. We’re going to use a peanut drying trailer to dry our whole plants and then use a thresher from Granville Equipment. We were originally going to use flue cured tobacco barns but couldn’t find any used ones that aren’t 3 phase power. The peanut dryers are pretty similar with added benefit of being mobile and not needing a concrete pad.

Thanks MO! Are you guys renting the Granville and peanut drying equipment or do you own it?

I’d like to find some kind of rental house that I could just rent the equipment instead of having to buy it this year.

We’re buying them and hopefully doing some custom work to help with the cost.

Not sure you’ll be able to rent harvest equipment but guys in your area might be doing custom work. Pay by the bale, acre, or lb of dry material. It adds up though and most people will be taking care of their own harvest before they’ll get to custom work. We’d rather be in control of the whole harvest process and make sure we’re trying to preserve as much CBD as we can

I’ve got a bucking machine for you. It won’t let me post a video, but if you want to dm me an email or phone# I can send it to you.

I sell drying rooms , light dep and coolers freezers


Our equipment is a little big (smallest systems becomes practical at ~500 lbs/hr), but if you’re wanting to just do straight biomass they’re the best bang for the buck. They in-take whole plants, shred, dry, then separate them. Hemp Drying Systems | ABM Equipment
Happy hunting!