Looking for an out for Stalks & Stems

Hi we are wondering if there is anyone out there currently intaking and processing Hemp Stalks & Stems? We are a Hemp handling facility in southern Oregon drying & bucking thousands of lbs a month, so we produce thousands of pounds of stalks. We currently store them or give them back to farmers to grind for compost, but we would like to see if anyone is using them for processing into any of the dozens of manufacturable items from Hemp.
DM if you’re interested in stalks or if you have info about who might be using stalks in the Nation, thank you

Try farmtofinish.us

Sent them an email, thank you

I may be incorrect, but I believe the problem with using hemp from CBD facilities is that you want to harvest hemp for fiber at a much younger age in development than when it is harvested for flower/CBD.

We were trying to contract out our stalk waste and that was the reason we were given by several people. We ended up talking to a company about trading the stalks in to an aerobic digestion plant in exchange for tax credits, however that project is still being worked out.


That’s very helpful info, thank you! I believe hempcrete might be developing on the west coast, so I’ll focus my efforts on that angle.

I think hempcrete would still be viable, but I never looked into that process

Hello, I have an asian company who needs CBD Isolate made from stems and stalks. Please let me know if you have the capability to run many many kilos. We need flow charts, and proof for the customs agents that the CBD was made with stems and stalks. Thank you.

Cellulosic ethanol…

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we have about 100k lbs of ground up stalk/stem that has about 2% CBD
content left.

@LandRover20 Hi thank you for reaching out, but it wouldn’t make sense cost wise for us to turn the stalks into isolate. Way too much work for very little finished product. If you know someone who is processing stalks and stems, please let me know.
We have several hundred pounds still left over that tested in February at ~4% CBD

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Ok Thank you.