Looking for a used chiller. Julabo or AI

Looking for…
Julabo # FL7006
A.I. # C30-40-50L
Thank you…

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yeah… go with julabo. my two cents.

much better quality control and longevity reported.


Bumping this up, needing the same… anyone have a UL listed chiller for sale? Julabo FP50?

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You try ebay?

I have a 3 month old AI UL listed 40L -30c unit in great condition ready to go in Eugene, OR.
A customer said he wanted to buy it Wednesday, I rented a truck to deliver it, he still hasn’t committed to the purchase at this point…
You interested? @Mr-cloud

I have looked on eBay. Haven’t seen them with the UL listing though. I’ll check again.

What were you going to use it for? Was hoping to go a little colder than -30. Will this hook to our CLS? Not familiar with the AI units.

It is currently paired with a 50L roto. Take a look at the AI site for details on the product.

I have an a.i. c 40-48 for sale.