Looking for a used C1D1 connex

Looking for a used connex extraction room. Im in southern Oklahoma… where is the best place to look?


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DM sent.

Sent a DM as well :slight_smile:

we have two pre-owned C1D1 rooms up for grabs

Theyre normally 63K asking 30K each

located in arcata CA will need to be disassembled

15’W x 26’L x 14’T

suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


Certified, with no additional install cost besides electrical?

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it comes with all the fans and control panels to make it run, you would just need the proper power and ducting to make it work. it is a C1D1 labs built room, they are built to code and peer reviewed


are these still available? are the setup indoor or outdoor currently?

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yes they are available still, they are currently set up inside a facility in arcata. its the responsibility of the purchaser to take care of disassembly and shipping

what is the best way to contact you in regards to these?

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We can also provide disassembly and reassembly if needed. We have worked with SSI on several jobs.

Give us a call or email, 844-404-4588 or email me direct at zack@scisolinc.com

Looking also

Feel free to email me at courtney@pbsindustries.com or call our office at 405-782-0447 and I’ll get some information to you.

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