Looking for a tolling lab to turn our CBDP into THCP and HHCP

Let me know what you would charge us per output kilo and what volume you could handle.

Would need 30-75 kilos a month atleast combined beteeen the 2 more if we can get it at a good price,

Let me know

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That sounds like an opportunity to set up production entirely in-house. The required equipment and knowledge is basically the same as for CBD->D9


It’s cheaper to setup yourself, the tolling fees alone equal a lab in about one to three months.


Client doesn’t have the bandwidth to set up in house right now. They are slammed with current contracts and arnt set up for conversions.

They are looking to pay 400-500$ per output kilo as the CbdP is by far the most expensive aspect of the process

Did you not have a lab and was making/distilling D8 and D9 ?

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How much are you selling the cbdp for? Is it natural sourced or synthetically made? Been looking up this last couple days only thing I could find online is that if you’re not growing fields of fm2 hemp then it’s most likely synthetically made. What’s the prices tho for kilo of cbdp


Do you know of any pharmacology studies on CBDP and CB1 and CB2 receptors? Naturally sourced phorols are at concentrations 1/250th and 1/1000th CBDP and THCP respectively when compared to normal strain CBDA /THCA levels. So, I wouldn’t expected any naturally produced product to be commercially on the market.
CBD only binds to the CB1 allosteric site…has nothing to to do with the the THC orthosteric enhanced binding by side chain extension. Totally not clear what CBDP might do if you ate it….if anything at all??? Please advise.

CDBP rogue synthesis …you might expect a variety of stereoisomers…??? Why would you want it? And why would anyone want to try to convert that to THCP .
4200 needs to understand you don’t want A full CB1 agonist.

In vivo determination of the cannabinoid profile of Δ9-tHcp. “The cannabinoid activity of Δ9-THCP was evaluated by the tetrad of behavioural tests on mice. The tetrad includes the assessment of spontaneous activity, immobility index (catalepsy), analgesia and changes in rectal temperature. Decrease of locomotor activity, catalepsy, analgesia and hypothermia are well-known signs of physiological manifestations of cannabinoid activity. “

(2019) 9:20335 | A novel phytocannabinoid isolated from Cannabis sativa L. with an in vivo cannabimimetic activity higher than Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol: Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol | Scientific Reports


? This is for hhcp and thcp I have many sources for d8 and hd9 if your interested

Considering the Almighty Ja invented atoms and electrons…everything is naturally derived. Bless up, lively up dem dreads.


Hail yah, rastafari ya bombomclad !


no i mean you have a lab that could do these cylizations in FL? what happened to that lab? why do you need another lab to toll thcp when you already had a functioning lab in FL?

also yer prices donht make any sense because quality crude is knda scarce and nobody is selling any thing good at the prices you listed so its pretty suspect when lab comes in the current cliate with the we will beat any price lol

trhose days are over thabkfully and 100 to $110 for winterized and decarbed crude is a fair price in todays market nobdody worth there wiufgt in salt would sell it any cheaper my guy

i dont need or want yer d8 or d9 i never asked that in the first place haha

Ummm I had that lab 5 years ago? We sold it… thanks for your input?

You need 30-75 Kg a month and Possibly more?
You mean that is what your customer wants.

Say THCP is ten X stronger than THC just for kicks.
so there is 100 ten mg doses per gram , or 100,000 ten mg doses per Kg.and you want 75 kg a month perhaps more.
Your customer is asking you for enough material to make 7.5 million dose of THCP per month…or are you smoking something…or dreaming…in Florida on a very Grey Beach?

Considering the Pharmacology of THCP and the adverse long term effects of CB1 full agonists, I would say either you or your customer is intent on destroying the mental health of a good number of people. IMHO

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Dosing of thc-p has Gone up a lot
If in 2023 the average dose in a vape pen was 3% 12-15 % nowadays in Europe is comon
Like all synthetic noids the only competition one can offer is more product for your buck
As for the quantity asked I see orders of 10x this amount a month in one lab alone in tjechie
Remember that thc-p is widely used to spray cbd flowers in Europe where the average dose used on flowers is 5% so it all add s up quick

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Interesting to hear. I see products advertised with absurdly inflated -phorol/hexyl cannabinoid claims all the time (especially in EU and Japan), but it makes sense that user preferences in potency creep up too, given everything I’ve heard about it. I don’t have any huge moral issue on it being available, but it certainly does seem a step back from plain ol THC healthwise. Normal prohibition logic, eh?

What I’m curious about is where the needed volume of CBDp is coming from… Any ideas on that? (I understand if you aren’t willing to share)

The synthesis of thc-p or cbd -p is for the advanced chemist
Cbd-p > thc-p is far easier
And since cbd-p is far more legit to transport across borders
Plenty prefure to order cbd-p and isomerize locally to thc-p


Yeah, I guess I’m wondering about the situation OP is asking about though. It makes sense for a country where CBDp is legal and THCp has already been regulated, to finish it up locally.

But here in the US, I don’t see it making sense. The CBDp is legal because it’s “hemp derived”, the THCp is also legal because it’s derived from a hemp derivative. Where in the process are we getting kilos and kilos of CBDp from, where they can’t convert it themselves? How does importing it one step away from finished and finishing it locally help sell the “hemp-derived” bit? Who are we foolin’?

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I’m not sure if it’s accurate to say “CBDP is legal because it’s hemp derived” when in fact it’s legal because…it’s never explicitly been made illegal. I don’t think CBDP necessarily needs to rely on any farm bill provisions, as far as I understand it’s never technically been illegal. If you were in possession of CBDP before the farm bill, you would not have been breaking any particular law (as far as I understand).

Also “where is it coming from” - there is no mystery here. It’s plainly/obviously coming from China. Anyone saying they’re making it is either 1) a fool who is working way too hard to make something China can provide cheaper than they can make it themselves or 2) is lying, and they are in fact sourcing it from China. More or less, the same goes for CBC - all of the biggest CBC dealers are unable to make it themselves, buy it from China, and say they did it themselves.


Same for CBT I’d assume? And I guess CBDp is “just legal”, but without the Farm Bill protections, really everything in the whole benzopyran class is a potential “controlled substance analog” right?


Correct, Marijuana and Synthetic thcs are scheduled (plus some other derivatives like parahexyl, d8 thcp and stuff) which cbdp would fall under neither (whether made synthetically or from hemp)

People forget synthetic cannabis derivatives arent scheduled (unless it’s one of the ones listed above)

I think most are buying the starting materials from china and synthesized it here. I dont think anyone is making spheriphorol (7 chain olivetol analogue) even though theres literature for its synthesis

Only if it falls under something thats scheduled, the dea cant control a drug thats not scheduled unless they use the AA act