Looking for a new water soluble solution/processor (must not be bitter)

As the title states, were looking to find a new processor for water soluble powders and liquids.

We need a formulation that is not bitter, has no sugar and can accept distillate as the starting material.

Currently were sending out 50-100kg of distillate a month to be turned into water soluble powder and we would like to find a better tasting solution.

Were open to either consultation to do the process in house or out sourcing to your location.

Tag anyone that you feel may be of help!

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We are looking as well.

What is the goal concentration…


How much are you looking to pay per liter or mg? What’s the target concentration?

Currently we are doing a 4% a 10% and then a 20% would be awesome but in our experience it hasnt been very stable at that concentration.

Is this even possible? I know people use anti-bitter agents, but I think most of them are sugars.

Well people claim that their water soluble powder isn’t bitter, but I have yet to try a powder that wasn’t bitter. Sure you can cover the taste with additional flavoring a little bit but it still clearly bitter.

I have read people on here claiming a clear dilution with no taste but have yet to taste it personally.

Well have you tried @SoluScience_Travis. I’ve heard good things about their product.

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I have a friend who makes a great water soluble powder mix. He spent six months developing and perfecting it and its solid. I can get some samples out to you if you’d like.

I have a process for making water soluble from biomass using only a naturally derived enzymatic catalyst. I haven’t tested it with distillate but I yield a 50% CBD water soluble resin from 15% starting material. I think it can work with distillate. The flavor comes out mild. Not clear though. Anyway if you want to possibly work something out, send me a DM.

@thesk8nmidget @Mrozmary are you still looking for a processor for your water-soluble products?

We have an extremely high throughput process to turn distillate or isolates into water-soluble powder or liquid. We have been producing concentrations from 1.5% up to 25%. I have not found our products to be bitter. I would be happy to get samples out to those that are interested. We happily take on R&D projects for those with a difficult client or project.

We can process up to 30kg/hour. I’d love to discuss more with anything interested. We’re located in Massachusetts and recently joined the GLG and got some of our products verified to Slang. Reach out via DM to continue the conversation.


hello I would like a sample is to be in contact with your friend Thank you

If you’d like to deliver that message, you’ll want to check one of the vans by the river as @Rowan isn’t around here.


Where are you located? Could definitely provide either option. Are you making gummies/candy, or a beverage?