Looking for a licensed manufacturing facility to assist with our cartridge R&D

Hello everyone. I’m Mike from Dopex. We’re a cartridge manufacturing company working out of the southern california area. Our goal is to create a line of vape cartridges to cover the whole spectrum of oil available on the market whether it be D8, D9, live resin, cured resin or rosin. If possible, we’re looking for a local licensed manufacturing facility to form a partnership with or rent a lab part time that can also supply us with high quality oil to R&D our product. We want to be able to test our hardware at different viscosities and temperatures to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our product with an end goal of creating custom built carts tailored to each specific type of oil. We want to find a company that shares our vision in creating a new standard in oil vaporization whether their taking part in the THC or hemp markets. At the moment we focused on our 510 thread and disposables. If anyone is interested I can be reached here at future4200 or at Michael@dopex.com


Pics up soon

Where are you looking to do this? We have licenses in Adelanto, CA.

Adelanto would be perfect for us

Sounds great. I’ll shoot you an email and we can start a conversation and see if we have some alignment.

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