Looking for a Lab Construction Consultant

Description: I’m looking for a consultant that can help bridge the gaps I have to build a permitted lab.

I currently have a $1MM budget for equipment to build a permitted facility in the North Cal area. I have a chemical engineering background and have worked other industries for some time. I also own a proof of concept lab with small pilot scale equipment (SPD, rotos, etc) currently processing around 4k/lbs per month. I’m looking to move to the next level and from my experience it typically pays off to hire someone with specific industry experience to alleviate any unforeseen holdups.

The preferred consultant doesn’t necessarily require a Professional Engineering license but more so someone that has ran the different units, understands their limitations and issues, permitting requirements, and common issues. This person should be available for the middle of this month as we plan on ordering the long lead items by the end of the month. I don’t expect the consultant to know the ins-and-outs of all the topics listed but to have the experience to point us to the appropriate PE’s, attorneys, counties, etc.

Disclaimer: I have a few consultants in mind, but I have used this forum a lot and figured I would open this up to the general public to have any potential options I have not considered.

Currently I’m leaning towards the following equipment (completely open to different options):

  1. Pinnacle Extraction Skid
  2. Pinnacle Solvent Recovery Skid
  3. Pope Wiped Film or a ChemTech Rolled Film
  4. C1D1 Labs Extraction Booths

I know this community helps each other a lot, so if you’re not a consultant but have had good experience with someone, any leads would be appreciated.

Please reach out to me on this forum or through private message here.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



super solvents ma

Hi Panda,

I have designed and built a few labs now, one in so Cal, and one in Arizona. My background is in electrical engineering and c1d1 facility design with then an emphasis on cannabis and cannabis extraction.

Feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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Which shop in az?