Looking for a JV partner to start processing hemp in PA


Hi, we have a warehouse, expandable to 150,000 sqft, and startup capital.
Pennsylvania has a rapidly growing amount of locally grown hemp that needs to be processed.
We are looking to fund the expansion of an experienced team to setup shop at our facility near Pittsburgh PA. If not as a joint venture, then a fee basis might be OK, but we need a 100% managed team on the ground.

Our short term goal is to run a profitable extraction facility.
Our medium term goal is to be the biggest extraction facility in Pennsylvania.
Our long term goal is to produce isolates of every known cannabinoid.

I am one of the property owners and investors, and I live in Israel, where I’m fairly well networked in the Israeli cannabinoid research community.

PM me to start a conversation.


Hello… I’m an extractor that makes thc based distillates and I operate a closed loop systems pretty proficiently … always interested in chatting. I live in Maine and have family in pa. I feel like my only obstacle right now stopping great success is money…


Hey, what’s your phone number, let’s talk.


Let’s talk . Dm me


Would love to speak with you. Im currently in PA extracting for medical marijuana Grower/Processor.