Looking for a good way to clean up shitty oil without the need for a rotovap


Looking for a way to clean up some darker oil with my cls, without the need for a room to. Gas ran in 42 x 24 unjacketed column, with exctactor Depot filter disc, at -40, no stall, nitro assist, and recovered at 85°f.


Scanning this thread may be your best bet.


Thank you, I r been filling this thread a bit…no funds currently to purchase deliver media though. If I was set up for this though, I’m wondering , would I just be able to re run the shitty bho through the system with the filter pack? What about just putting it in a jacket column? Will it re-dissolve, coagulate, and dump out okay?


That’s a good question that I don’t really know the answer to. You’d probably need a very long soak time for the butane to break it back down. And probably better off with warmer butane.


I haven’t tried it either, but I believe I have seen reports of folks doing it here.
what I read suggested it was exactly as trivial as @Vibrationstation makes it sound.

I’m going to make a stab in the dark and guess it was @Killa12345, @Dred_pirate or @Demontrich

if not, I’m sure @StoneD has given it a whirl while making diamonds…


It’s a bitch, I won’t do it again I can tell u that!

Get ready to add tane and stir a bunch


Which part was a bitch? Getting it to dissolve? I haven’t whipped on years, and never when I had an oven
…should I whip the shit out it and then purge?


I must be confused… whipping…?

I thought we was talking about a redissolve of crappy bho to grow some clean THCa

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I swear someone here made it sound easy.
just threw it in their CLS and pushed go like normal.

but I’m out of search strings right now, and haven’t typed a one…


yeah, I figured the best route (as outlined by @Alchemist) would be to CRC it.

if I’m reading that right. We’ve got

if I get a filter pack, can I just run my crude through the magic dirt by packing it in my CLS?
will there be any issues


has anyone done this.

to which I’m almost certain the answer is yes.
but was it as easy as I think I read? :wink:

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To dissolve sux with cold tane. Easiest way i found was to super saturate swirling ever hour or so. Leave sealed at room temp. By the next morning it will be redissolved. Though it in the freeze for 6 to 12 hours depending on how much you are doing. Then you can run through the crc tec


Put it in the collection pot and fill with appropriate amount of solvent.

Does your collection have a squirt spout?


Warm your jacket until it melts. It’ll take a bit, but it’ll happen. Then hose it to the top of the column and flush it through the crc tek. If you need to know exactly how much to fill the column. Fill the column empty and dump that into the collection. Add a tiny bit more because it’s going to evap to fill up the pressure in the pot while it’s doing its thing. And when you transfer it, there will be less, so include a little bit more.


Thanks for the responses everybody, very helpful. Sorry for the illegible messages. …typing with me gloves on!


So you are saying to dissolve the bho in collection pot, then transfer to the material column?

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With media after the material column, yes.

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Well i am an inpatient man Some times
I place crude bho in the
blast tube with filters set tight with scrubies
Add Some glass or ss marbels
Close the tube and Ad warm butane
Shake and swirl and place in freezer
Once desired temp is reached i dunk in collection pot treu filters
And done


@cyclopath I think we have winner…had to be rogue


Nah I was confused. I thought you were suggesting to whip it in to crumble when you mentioned stirring…I’m now assuming you meant to to stir it to get it to solve in the gas