Looking for a good post processing distillation machine for large volume



Their customer service is poor because their cannabis division is about 1% of their income they dont give a shit about you buying their $300,000 machine when their deals with exxon exceed Billions. If you do enough business you can get direct lines to their cannabis tech guys. I have these techs cell phone numbers and they have been very useful to the companies I involve myself with in the past.

Since our friend here would like to process roughly 1000kg a day which is more than anyone on this website produces(I am willing to bet but not 100% confident) I am sure their customer service will take them a little more seriously.

I think their customer service is good compared to the amount of resources our small cannabis space provides for them.



You said oven size wasn’t your concern in your build. What part is?


Distillation. It is easy to get preprocessing equipement, ive looked at 6 systems in the last month. Problem is i can produce 3000liters of crude per day and have no trust worthy system to turn that into distillate and then isolate.


I know the answer is probably no but can i have the techs number.


SciPhy Systems. They’re also in Oregon and have very capable engineers that can design and build to your need. They have very competitive pricing too.


You extract warm or cold? Ethanol correct?


Cold ethanol


SciPhy is the same company as “Vobis” that I mentioned, just being the cannabis branch thereof. I like them a lot.


Noted! They did some quoting for me for a project that unfortunately never took off. Dealing with them was a pleasure. They paid extreme attention to detail to make sure what they were quoting was sized and priced just right.


Oh nice. What your crude method?


Pope is great if your doing 1-2L at a time. I have used one. 90% thc every time…